C2C's Wildest Animal Stories of 2020

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By Tim Binnall

In keeping with its status as one of the oddest years on record, 2020 boasted a vast array of amazing animal stories that left us awestruck. From ancient armadillos in Argentina to a 'zonkey' born in Kenya, this past year featured a veritable menagerie of creatures making headlines in weird and wondrous ways whether it was by land, sea, or air. Check out this collection of the wildest animal stories from this past year...

Bizarre Three-Horned Cow Spotted in Uganda

Japanese Fishermen Snag Breathtaking Multicolored Catch

Owl Swims in Michigan Lake

Cyclops Puppy Born in Thailand

Diver Encounters 'Ghost Fish'

Men Lasso Escaped Tiger In Mexico

Rare Yellow Turtle Found in India

Seven Dazzling New Peacock Spider Species Discovered

Owl 'Too Fat to Fly' Rescued in England

Dachshund Dubbed 'Moo' Sports Cow-Like Coat of Fur

Monkey Spotted Flying a Kite

Massive Ancient Armadillo Shells Unearthed in Argentina

'Sea Monster' Remains Found in Scotland

'Human-Size' Bat Horrifies the Internet

Bipedal Goat Becomes Star in India

'Highly Unusual' Zonkey Born in Kenya

Shark's Scars Suggest Battle with Giant Squid

Giant Bird Snags Shark-Like Fish

62-Year-Old Snake Lays ‘Miracle Eggs’

Glowing Dolphins Play in Bioluminescent Waves

Massive Monkey Brawl Erupts Over Food in Thailand

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