Calf with 'Human Face' Born in Argentina

By Tim Binnall

A farmer in Argentina could not believe his eyes when a cow on his property gave birth to a calf sporting a face which bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a human. The bizarre-looking creature was reportedly born on a farm in the village of Villa Ana and was filmed by its astounded owner who, no doubt, had never seen anything quite like it before. With a set of bulging eyes, a tiny nose, and a mouth that seemed to be stuck in a perpetual frown, the animal's unique visage looked more like a grumpy old man's face rather than a calf.

Due to its deformity, the unfortunate animal only wound up living for a few hours, but has since gone on to become something of a viral sensation thanks to the farmer's jaw-dropping video. As for what may have caused the creature's condition, a geneticist in Argentina told a local media outlet that the calf's appearance was likely due to a spontaneous mutation which manifested itself by way of a misshapen skull.

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