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California Bigfoot Lawsuit Dropped

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A much-discussed lawsuit brought against the state of California in an effort to obtain legal recognition of Bigfoot's existence has been dropped by the woman behind the endeavor.

Claudia Ackley made headlines earlier this year when she, along with Canadian Sasquatch researcher Todd Standing, filed the Bigfoot-based lawsuit aimed at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

However, with a March 19th hearing date fast approaching, Ackley was convinced by her attorney last week to have the case dismissed for fear that the initial filing would not hold up in court.

The reasoning behind that argument is that the lawsuit had been written by Ackley and Standing with the help of a paralegal, but without any input from an actual attorney who would know the legal nuances necessary to produce an airtight filing.

As such, this particular case has been dropped, for now, with plans to re-file the lawsuit once it can be property written by attorneys who are working with the group.

"There's so many things a lawyer has to do appropriately. We now have a team of lawyers in the U.S. who are going to put it together," Standing revealed to the San Bernardino Sun.

It remains to be seen when the new lawsuit will be filed as Standing indicated that the team must start from scratch on the filing, suggesting that it could be months if not years before Bigfoot gets its day in California court.

Source: San Bernardino Sun


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