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Canadian UFO Report Reveals Array of Insights

Canadian UFO Report Reveals Array of Insights

An exhaustive new report from a Canadian research group provides an incredibly insightful look at the UFO phenomenon as seen from the Great White North over the last year.

Known as the Canadian UFO Survey, the report found a whopping 1,267 cases over the last year, the second most sightings in the last 30 years.

The encounters were culled from sources ranging from official government administrations to a vast array of UFO organizations which collect reports from witnesses.

Altogether, the seventeen sources provide an intriguing picture of UFO activity in the Great White North.

According to the report, most of the sightings appeared to have prosaic explanations, but 12 percent managed to defy explanation.

A closer look at the history of the survey shows that UFO reports have been steadily climbing since it was initiated in 1989, with over 1,000 sightings in each of the past four years.

Additionally, the report uncovers what may be a new insight into the phenomenon in that it appears there is a significant increase in UFO sightings in autumn, which contrasts with the popular idea that such events occur most frequently in the summer.

While the vast majority of cases are simply 'UFO' reports, there are also a few gems within the survey which detail actual alien encounters that allegedly took place in Canada in 2015.

An incredible array of graphs, numbers, and charts, the Canadian UFO Survey is a feast of food for thought for any flying saucer enthusiast with a penchant for raw data.

In fact, the report is so exhaustive that one could pinpoint the best time and place to have seen a UFO in Canada last year.

To save you the trouble, it was Quebec at 9 PM in August and you probably would have seen an orange UFO.

The complete report can be found here.

Source: CTV News

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