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Car Stolen in 1991 Found in Forest

Car Stolen in 1991 Found in Forest

An Oregon man walking in the woods made a startling discovery when he stumbled upon a Porsche that had been reported stolen an astounding 27 years ago!

The Jackson County Sheriff's Department shared a photo of the remarkable find, which was overturned on the side of an embankment beside a road.

Amazingly, authorities say that the car appears to have been there for quite a while, but managed to go unseen by the passing cars above due to the steep angle of the cliff.

Although finally found after being reported stolen back in 1991, the pilfered Porsche still presents a number of unanswered questions, such as how long it has been in the woods and how police plan to remove it from such a precarious position.

Should they successfully extract the stolen car, one hopes that the former owner of the car will get it back, since it might be a collector's item after 27 years, provided it can be refurbished.

The odd discovery may also, ironically, bolster the spirit of Bigfoot fans, since the fact that the Porsche was hiding in plain sight in an Oregon forest suggests that it may not be so difficult for Sasquatch to pull off a similar feat.

Source: Jackson County Sheriff's Department

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