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Cattle Mutilations Reported in Oregon

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By Tim Binnall

A ranch in Oregon recently lost five bulls in a mysterious incident which seems to bear the hallmarks of the infamous cattle mutilation phenomenon. The unsettling case reportedly occurred at the spacious Silvies Valley Ranch in the city of Seneca late last month when the five animals were discovered having died under curious circumstances.

According to investigators, there were no signs of struggle nor any indication that they were poisoned, felled by lightning, or shot. On the contrary, the unfortunate creatures appeared as if they'd simply collapsed on the spot. And, chillingly, all five of the bulls had their tongues and genitals removed with surgical precision, which is in keeping with the perplexing cattle mutilation phenomenon.

Acknowledging the weirdness of the situation, Deputy Dan Jenkins lamented that "whenever there's a case like this, all the conspiracy theorists come out." To that end, he noted that aliens, satanic cults, and clandestine government agencies have been suspected of being behind cattle mutilations in the past, but didn't seem to give these possibilities much credence, calling such speculation "a little ridiculous."

Be that as it may, like so many law enforcement officials before him who were tasked with similar cattle mutilation cases, the deputy is stumped as to how the creatures died and why they were mutilated in such a strange fashion. "It's a mystery," Jenkins conceded while also asserting that "I'm confident some person or group did this."

While we wait to see if the deputy's instinct is correct, Coast Insiders can learn more about the mysterious cattle mutilation phenomenon by checking out the 5/14/2017 edition of the program featuring researcher Christopher O'Brien. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.


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