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Celebrity Psychic in Russia Forecasts 2018

A self-proclaimed clairvoyant in Russia who bested his rivals to claim the title of top psychic in the country has shared his outlook for the forthcoming year.

Alexander Sheps was the winner of our what would be our favorite TV show if we ever lived in Russia: 'Battle of the Psychics."

The victory catapulted him to a level of celebrity in the country akin to the Hollywood heartthrobs and reality show stars who make headlines here in America, including a burgeoning career as a musician as one can see from the strangely-riveting video featured above.

In fact, in a testament to the star power of psychics in Russia, Sheps was actually part of a celebrity couple with an Estonian witch named Marilyn Kerro who is also a TV star in Russia for her occult skills.

Sadly, the high profile psychic pairing split over the summer leading one Russian news outlet to lament that "they were the most beautiful and extraordinary couple."

Be that as it may, the now-solo Sheps appears to be focusing on his psychic work with the start of the new year as he revealed his 2018 outlook to Pravda, which is a fitting source for this bizarre story.

His predictions for the new year provide a pretty good clue as to how he may have wound up with the psychic title as they are not particularly risky.

Sheps simply says that the relationship between the United States and Russia will get worse to the point that "something serious" might happen and also that the Ukraine will resolve their conflict.

But it would appear that the top psychic may have a challenger on the horizon as yet another celebrity clairvoyant put forward her forecast for the new year and disagreed with Sheps.

Vera Lion says this year will see improved relations between Russia and the United States, putting her in direct conflict with the champion psychic.

Possibly eyeing Sheps' title in 2018, she also provided some more detailed predictions, including that Mikhail Gorbachev will die and that countries would leave the EU and NATO.

We can only hope that this budding psychic rivalry gets settled in some reality TV showcase in Russia and lament that we wouldn't understand a word of it.

Source: Pravda

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