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Child Rides Through X-Ray Machine

By Tim Binnall

Security personnel at a Chinese train station got quite the surprise when a young child managed to sneak into an x-ray machine. The strange misadventure reportedly took place earlier this month at the Xiaolan Railway Station. Video of the scene shows the youngster's father approaching the checkpoint and then suddenly realizing that his child is no longer with him.

Confronted with every parent's worst nightmare, the man heads back towards the front of the checkpoint, but the child is nowhere to be found. Much to his relief, the youngster soon emerges from the x-ray machine seemingly no worse for wear. Oddly enough, the two workers watching the monitor appeared to have no reaction to seeing the silhouette of the child passing through the x-ray machine.

While the incident is no doubt quite strange, it's actually the second time this year that a person has made news by taking a ride through an x-ray machine at a Chinese train station. Back in February, a woman who was worried that someone would steal her handbag pulled off the same sneaky maneuver as the youngster and, in turn, produced a similarly haunting image on the machine's monitor. Taken together, the two cases leave us wondering about the vigilance of security at Chinese train stations if people can just jump into the x-ray machine without anyone stopping them.

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