China's Nessie Caught on Film?

China's version of the Loch Ness Monster appears to have been captured on video once again. The creature, which unfortunately does not sport a snazzy nickname like Nessie, is said to reside in a location known as Kanas Lake. Over the years, numerous witnesses have reported seeing some kind of sea monster, for lack of a better term, lurking in the lake. And a handful of lucky individuals have even captured the presumed creature on tape.

Such was the case earlier this week when a worker at the lake spotted an anomalous series of what appear to be humps breaking the surface of the water. Wang Xin'an was sharp enough to film some of the sighting as it unfolded. According to a translation of the conversation contained in the video, it's clear that Xin'an and another witness were pretty certain they were watching China's Nessie out there on the water and not just waves.

The encounter occurred only a month after another sighting of the Kanas Lake Monster had been reported and follows footage of the purported creature that was captured in both 2012 as well as in 2007. As to what the monster might be, the prevailing opinion of wildlife experts in China is that it is some kind of large fish, possibly an exceedingly large Siberian salmon. However, until someone reels the creature in, we'll never quite know, which is probably good in case the Nessie DNA project 'kills' the Scottish monster once and for all and we need a suitable replacement.

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