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Chinese Man Has Smog Fan Plan

Chinese Man Has Smog Fan Plan

An imaginative inventor in China has filed paperwork for a patent on a bizarre plan which he believes could solve Beijing's smog problem once and for all.

The city's infamous air pollution issue has spawned a vast array of ideas over the years, ranging from the ingenious to the ridiculous.

It is that latter group to which Du Honglai's concept seems to reside as the man has proposed having the entire population of the city employ giant handheld fans to literally blow the smog away.

For Honglai's idea to work, per his design, all 15 million denizens of Beijing would fan the air at the same time and in the same direction for one hour.

According to his calculations, this collective 'fanpower' would create a massive gust of wind which would, in turn, push the smog cloud a distance of about 40 miles.

The fans, Honglai proposes, would be provided by the Chinese government, who would also alert residents via a veritable emergency broadcast system when they are needed to spring into action.

Although his idea may sound outlandish, the outside-the-box thinker apparently believes enough in the concept to put it all down on paper and submit it to China's State Intellectual Property Office for proper credit.

Should that occur and, by some miracle, Honglai's plan is put into action, he may regret having his name attached to the idea when a neighboring city takes issue with having a massive smog cloud blown their way.

Source: Shanghaiist

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