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Chunky Monkey Sent to 'Fat Camp'

Wildlife officials in Bangkok have staged an intervention, of sorts, for a shockingly obese macaque and hope to help the creature get back into shape by sending it to a 'monkey fat camp.'

Dubbed 'Uncle Fatty,' the thirty-three pound monkey is twice the size of an average macaque due to a steady diet of food fed to the creature by tourists.

His prodigious belly has made Uncle Fatty somewhat of a sensation at the floating market where he lurks and feasts on handouts from visitors.

However, concerned about the chunky monkey's jaw-dropping size, authorities in Bangkok took the creature into custody and shipped him off to a wildlife rescue center elsewhere in Thailand.

At the facility, unfortunate Uncle Fatty will be forced to face the dreaded duo of diet and exercise with the goal of shedding some of the excess weight.

While the decision to take the massive macaque away from the market is almost certainly good for Uncle Fatty's health, not everyone is happy about the move.

An animal advocacy group known as 'Monkey Lovers' say that taking the creature away from his fellow macaques at the site will disrupt their social order and leave younger members of the group without their esteemed leader.

Nonetheless, it appears the Uncle Fatty will not be returning to his former haunt anytime soon unless he discovers some kind of miracle monkey diet.

Source: Daily Mail


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