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Chupacabra Suspected of Killing Second Person in Honduras

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By Tim Binnall

A month after being blamed for the mysterious death of a farm worker in a Honduran village, the infamous chupacabra is suspected of killing yet another person in a nearby community. The bizarre initial incident occurred in mid-February when a man was bitten on the foot by an unseen predator and his body was seemingly drained of all of its blood. Since the unfortunate farmer's demise came amid a slew of similar unexplained animal attacks, many residents in the area pointed the finger at the notorious blood-sucking chupacabra.

Their concerns have now been amplified after a second individual died under strange circumstances. According to a local media report, a young man named Geovany left a party in the town of Yamaranguila at around midnight one evening a few weeks ago and subsequently vanished on his way home. After three days of searching, his body was found in a hard-to-reach hollow in a remote mountainous location near the village. Those who discovered his remains were mystified by the location, since they could not figure out how he wound up there. They were also horrified when they noticed that, like the farmer who had recently died, Geovany had been drained of his blood as well.

As one can imagine, residents of the region are on edge following this second puzzling death and remarks made by a veterinarian brought in to consult on the livestock cases are likely to only exacerbate their fears. The expert observed that whatever killed the animals left no evidence behind, managed to enter well-protected areas, and seemed to strike its victims with remarkable precision. The massive amount of blood seemingly consumed by the predator left the veterinarian baffled as to what kind of creature could be behind the attacks and, remarkably, he ultimately mused that "we think that it is a supernatural being."

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