Cluster of UFOs Filmed Over Wyoming

By Tim Binnall

A Wyoming man was left scratching his head last week after spotting an odd cluster of glowing orbs that floated through the night sky. Bradley Ries' curious sighting reportedly occurred on Friday evening in the city of Evansville and, fortunately, he managed to film the strange moment with his cell phone. He subsequently uploaded the video to YouTube where it quickly caught the attention of various channels devoted to puzzling pieces of possible paranormal footage.

In Ries' video, at least a dozen balls of light can be seen moving across the sky, seemingly changing their brightness at random. The bewildered witness first exclaims in wonder "what is that" and then jokingly muses that "they're either drones or aliens." Adding a bit more detail to the sighting, Ries says that the mysterious craft were silent, seemed to be headed "west towards the airport," and ultimately surmised that they were probably either drones or balloons.

In an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, the Casper-based website Oil City News contacted the nearby airport, but officials there were unable to provide any insight into the matter. That said, they indicated that they did not receive any reports of unidentified flying objects at the time. The FAA echoed this statement, saying that they were not aware of anything strange being seen in the sky when the sighting took place.

Be that as it may, aside from the alien theory, one prevalent possibility put forward by some observers is that the anomalies were somehow connected to National Guard training exercises being run out of the nearby Guernsey Municipal Airport. Another explanation which could fit the case, considering how the lights appeared to be randomly dispersed, is that they were Chinese lanterns that had been released from somewhere in the area. What's your take on the Reis' footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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