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College Football Coach Muses About Bigfoot and Aliens

The colorful coach of the Washington State football team shared his thoughts on a number of paranormal topics during an odd moment at a recent press conference.

Mike Leach's affinity for pirates and propensity to muse about science and history is what likely inspired the fan-submitted question asking for his take on Bigfoot.

Despite being a prominent personality in Sasquatch country, the coach expressed skepticism that the creature exists, declaring "It would be fun if there's Bigfoot. I hope there's Bigfoot, but my guess is there is not."

Leach's reasoning for not believing in Bigfoot echoed a perspective often put forward by skeptics as the coach noted that bones from the creature have never been found.

Meanwhile, Leach was more open minded about the possibility of aliens, although his perspective on ETs was rather nuanced.

The coach proposed that aliens are probably not "little green men" as they are depicted in the media nor are they "in our galaxy."

However, Leach proposed that it is far more plausible that intelligent life has developed on other worlds than the alternative concept which argues that Earth is the sole planet where such life has arisen.

Wrapping up his thoughts on the matter, the coach observed, "everyone wants to be special, but I don't think we're that special."

Source: Spokesman

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