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Confounding Footage Shows Weird 'Mystery Creature'

By Tim Binnall

A puzzling piece of footage circulating online purportedly shows some kind of mystery creature seen hopping alongside a car. The truly strange video was posted to YouTube a few days ago with, unfortunately, no information about when or where it was filmed. The music being played in the car seems to suggest that the incident occurred outside the United States, but even that is conjecture on our part.

Nonetheless, the footage has captured the imagination of viewers online who can't quite figure out what exactly they are watching. In the video, a field with tall grass is illuminated by the car's headlights as a black and white oddity appears to hop away from the vehicle. The individual behind the camera never utters a word and, sadly, the footage comes to an end after only a mere ten seconds.

No doubt owing to the ambiguous nature of the video and its tantalizingly-short length, the scene has inspired all manner of theories ranging from the fantastic to the prosaic. Some imaginative observers have proposed that the anomaly is a humanoid of the mythical or alien variety. But more skeptical viewers have put forward the possibility that the creature is simply a skunk or perhaps a bird. And others have argued that the video is a hoax and that the 'mystery animal' is a puppet.

Despite multiple viewings, we're hard pressed to put our finger on what exactly the creature could be, although the skunk scenario does seem persuasive when one watches the footage with that idea in mind. Then again, the same could be said for the puppet hypothesis as well. What's your take on the baffling footage? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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