Connie Willis' New Project

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Connie Willis of Blue Rock Talk, and guest host on weekends here at Coast to Coast AM, has a new interactive, participatory project and series she'd like to share with you!

  • It's the ON THE ROAD WITH CONNIE PROJECT! An EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE BLUE ROCKER MEMBERSHIP CLUB where Connie takes her Blue Rocker members virtually, via live stream and live chats, to secret active hotspots overnight for 2-4 days with authentic researchers of Bigfoot, Dogman, UFOs and more across the US!
  • As a member, you'll be home watching live safely in your jammies interacting with her and the other members while she is deep in a forest somewhere listening and watching for what might be 12-foot-tall creatures lurking behind her! You'll actually help her with strategies, ideas, gear, and so forth to get answers to all this as it happens live!
  • She already has a bonus for members: Blue Rocker Travis Walton will be at one of the camp outings!
  • She will most likely be calling into Coast with a WHERE’S WILLIS!
  • Connie has LIMITED OPENINGS at the price she has set right now. Doors close on this price Friday Midnight Pacific Time unless all the openings under that price are filled. After that the price goes up significantly, mainly because she want this membership to stay small and intimate.
  • Authentic folks truly looking for answers and experiences ONLY!
  • Join Connie’s new ON THE ROAD WITH CONNIE PROJECT while spots are available at a lower price: BlueRockTalk.TV


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