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Conspiracy Theorist's Mysterious Death May Have Been Due to Drugs

Conspiracy Theorist's Mysterious Death May Have Been Due to Drugs

By Tim Binnall

An ongoing inquest into the death of conspiracy theorist Max Spiers has indicated that drugs may have had a hand in his mysterious demise. The researcher, who was largely known for his work investigating the possibility that various governments are creating clandestine 'super soldiers,' died under strange circumstances while visiting Poland in July of 2016. His passing shocked colleagues in the conspiracy theory community and raised eyebrows due to odd aspects of the case, including that his mother claimed to have received a text from him in which he told her that he was in danger.

However, Monday's hearing in England, where Spiers was from, shed new light on the events prior to his passing and seem to suggest that his death did not come at the hands of nefarious forces. A pathologist who examined the conspiracy theorist's body reportedly testified that the 39-year-old had been stricken with pneumonia and that his remains also contained a "potentially fatal" level of Oxycodone at the time of his death. As such, it was ruled that his passing was likely caused by these two factors forming a lethal combination.

It was also revealed that, on the day of his death, Spiers, who had battled drug problems in the past, had ingested a staggering "10 tablets of Turkish Xanax," which he had acquired during a trip to Cyprus a few weeks earlier. Although a statement from a Polish woman with whom Spiers was staying at the time said that he believed he was being targeted by "Satanic groups," authorities in Poland do not believe that he fell victim to foul play. Instead, prosecutors rather definitively determined that his death "excluded the participation of further persons."

The revelations from the inquest would appear to close the case of Max Spiers' demise. That said, the hearing is scheduled to last another two days, so there is always the possibility that additional information could emerge that will cast doubt on the findings of Polish investigators. And, even if there isn't, it's a safe bet that Spiers' passing will continue to be seen in a curious light by his fans and friends in the world of conspiracy research since, if he were murdered by sinister forces, one wouldn't expect to learn the truth about it from an official government investigation.

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