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Cops Called to Investigate UFO Landing

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By Tim Binnall

A woman in Wyoming who thought that she'd just seen a UFO land in a cornfield took the unusual step of phoning the police to report the strange sighting. According to a local media report, the odd incident occurred earlier this month when the unnamed witness spotted puzzling blue and white lights hovering in the sky. She later told investigators that one of the unidentified glowing objects landed in a nearby field while the other zipped past her across the road.

Remarkably, unlike the vast majority of witnesses who encounter such a strange event, the woman went so far as to stop her car and report the sighting to the police. Perhaps fearing that they might miss out on the long-awaited 'first contact' or simply concerned about someone saying that they'd just seen a pair of UFOs, the Park County Sheriff’s Office dispatched a deputy to the scene and a trooper from the Wyoming Highway Patrol also showed up to investigate the report.

Unfortunately, neither the deputy nor the trooper caught sight of the strange lights that the woman described and there was apparently nothing in the cornfield which would constitute what she reported landing there. Lest one jump to conclusions about the driver's state of mind, the witness was interviewed on site by the authorities and they observed "no signs of impairment." Left with little to go on at that point, investigators ultimately surmised that "there may have been a drone in the area."


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