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Cops Encounter 'Alien' in Georgia

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During an otherwise routine traffic stop, police officers in the Georgia city of Alpharetta were surprised to discover an 'alien' riding shotgun in a car they had just pulled over.

The rather life-like mannequin was spotted by the cops as they approached the vehicle they had just stopped for speeding.

Amused by the odd sidekick, the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety posted pictures of the faux ET on their Facebook page and marveled at "the things you see during every day patrol."

Why, exactly, the driver had the 'alien' with them remains a mystery, but one hopes that it was not being used to sneak onto a highway HOV lane.

Assuming that is not the case, the driver should actually be commended since they made sure that the doll was wearing its seatbelt during the trip.

News of the 'alien' encounter served as a relief to one resident who says that she and her son were recently driving through Alpharetta and passed the ET-equipped car which left them wondering if they were seeing things.

While they now know that their experience was real, the explanation of what they saw probably doesn't quite help make it any less mystifying.

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution

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