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Cops in Siberia Call on Priest to Help Stop Poltergeist

Cops in Siberia Call on Priest to Help Stop Poltergeist

In a strange story out of Siberia, an investigation into purported poltergeist activity proved to be so unnerving to the police that they turned to local priests for help.

The weirdness began when a family in the village of Maraksa reported inexplicable and unsettling events like knives and other objects flying through the air as well as furniture falling apart for no apparent reason.

When authorities arrived to look into the matter, they were taken aback by a state of chaos in the home and reportedly witnessed similar eerie events such as flying sticks and tumbling books.

What's remarkable about the case is that, upon detailing their response in an official report, the police concluded that "there was no rational explanation to be found of the specified events."

And, with that in mind, they decided that the best course of action would be to have a local priest come and bless the house in an attempt to expel the disruptive spirit that had been tormenting the family.

Adding another layer of intrigue to the story, the priest's church put out a statement confirming the tale and revealed that the clergyman had also witnessed the poltergeist's antics.

Unfortunately, it appears that the visit from the priest provided only a temporary respite for the family as the bizarre activity began happening again shortly after he left the home.

Source: Siberian Times

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