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Cops Stop Van Covered by Giant Christmas Tree

Cops Stop Van Covered by Giant Christmas Tree

Police on patrol in a Massachusetts town made a jaw-dropping stop on Black Friday when they pulled over a van carrying a massive Christmas tree.

Sharing an image of the strange scene on their Facebook page, the Sudbury Police Department reminded residents to be responsible when bringing home their holiday decorations this year.

Lest one think that the image is some kind of optical illusion or simply a normal-sized tree atop a tiny car, the vehicle was apparently a Mazda minivan which measures 15 feet long, suggesting that the conifer was, indeed, quite enormous.

While some may chuckle at the tree-covered car which drew comparisons to an iconic scene in the film Christmas Vacation, we're guessing that their mood might change if they were driving behind it and a bungee cord snapped.

Source: The Drive

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