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Could 2016 be the Year of UFO Disclosure?

Could 2016 be the Year of UFO Disclosure?

In a lengthy profile piece by the Washington Post, UFO disclosure activist and frequent C2C guest Stephen Bassett argued that 2016 will be the year that the truth about UFOs is finally revealed.

"I want to see disclosure by the New Hampshire primary,” Bassett said to the Post, "And I can make the case that it's going to happen."

His argument is predicated upon an intriguing tweet by political heavyweight John Podesta.

"My biggest failure of 2014: Once again not securing the #disclosure of the UFO files. #thetruthisstilloutthere," Podesta posted back in February.

To Bassett, the message appears to be a potential sign that there are cracks in the proverbial wall of UFO secrecy.

"You don't just send that out," Bassett told the Post, "It means something."

Looking ahead to the future, he posited that the Hilary Clinton campaign, which is chaired by Podesta, is anxious to address the UFO issue, especially since Clinton herself looked into the UFO phenomenon during the 1990's at the behest of billionaire Laurance Rockefeller.

"I believe Clinton's team has calculated that they cannot make it out of the election without first dealing with the ET issue," Bassett theorized.

As to how disclosure could unfold, he suggested that outright addressing the topic would be too politically toxic, so the Clinton campaign is subtly urging the media to raise the issue via clues such as Podesta's tweet.

Whether Bassett's proposed scenario unfolds in 2016 or at some point in the distant future, he ultimately envisions a transformed planet once the reality of UFOs are revealed.

"You will see a shift in focus from the world," he predicted to the Post, "more transparency, more communication among countries, an age of reform."

Coast Insiders who want to hear more from Bassett can check out his previous appearances on the program in our vast archive.

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