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Could Bizarre Cricket Farm Solve World Hunger?

A New York-based think tank of architects and ecologists have devised a unique way of solving food shortages in the form of a futuristic cricket farm.

Dubbed the 'Cricket Shelter,' the plastic cave-like structure contains dozens of pods that are specially-designed to house the nutritious insects in a sanitary setting.

The bizarre farm also features a number of 'wind quills' which would both provide ventilation for the creatures as well as amplify their chirps, which will be sure to thrill anyone living next door to one of them.

Terreform ONE, the group behind the Cricket Shelter, suggests that the easily portable structure could be used in regions of the world experiencing food shortages, economic unrest, or other upheavals which disrupt the food supply.

That is, of course, if they can convince people to adopt the protein-rich insects as part of their diet.

And while we suspect that a community struggling with famine would welcome the sustenance, anyone with young children can attest that just getting them to eat their vegetables can be a challenge.

Then again, in a world where 'image is everything,' perhaps the UFO-like insect farm could actually make eating crickets look cool.

Coast Insiders who may be curious about the nutritional value of crickets and other insects can learn a lot more about the subject by checking out reliance expert Marjory Wildcraft's 3/19/2013 appearance on the program.

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Source: Daily Mail

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