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Creepy Cell Phone 'Ghost' Photo

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My girlfriend’s mother’s cell phone began taking pictures on its own on the night of Nov. 4, 2014 while it was on the dining table. She thought there was something wrong with the phone because the flash kept going off every time a picture was being taken. Once the cell phone stopped taking pictures, she reviewed the pictures that it took and they were all blank, except one.

There seem to be a figure in this one picture (left) that you can’t quite see due the bright light in the picture. After adjusting the exposure and color of the picture in order to get a better look at the figure, I was able to see a skull-like face with its teeth showing (middle picture). I sketched a drawing of the figure (right) in the picture so I can show those who can’t see the figure at least get an idea of what I was talking about.


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