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Creepy Clown Busted in North Carolina

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By Tim Binnall

Authorities in a North Carolina city recently pulled off a relatively rare feat when they managed to identify a young man who, they say, was behind a series of creepy clown sightings in the community. The mischief reportedly unfolded late last month when motorists in Roanoke Rapids called the police about a person clad in a clown costume who was running in and out of traffic and throwing things at passing cars. As is often the case, when officers responded to the scene, the mysterious stranger was nowhere to be found.

Although this initially appeared to be an isolated incident, things took an unsettling turn about 30 minutes later when a young boy walked up to a police officer conducting traffic and told him that a clown had just been staring into his window. Once again, cops investigated the matter, but were unable to locate the haunting harlequin who had terrorized the youngster. However, the case was far from cold as authorities zeroed in on a perceived 'person of interest' and somehow managed to recover the clown costume that caused all of the chaos in the first place.

Initially, it seemed that the teen behind the ill-advised clown antics was not going to face any charges for the misadventure. That still may be the case, however, after popping up on the police's proverbial radar due to those incidents, the person was apparently linked to and arrested for allegedly taking part in a pair of robberies in which two young men forced a delivery driver to hand over pizzas when he arrived at a fake location given for the order. While the youngster is undoubtedly due their day in court to fight the charges, one can't help but suspect that anyone who would be running around in traffic dressed as a clown might also pull off a similarly juvenile caper involving tricking a pizza delivery guy.


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