Creepy Halloween Decoration Prompts Call to the Cops

By Tim Binnall

A North Dakota couple who happen to be big fans of Halloween decided to start decorating early and wound up giving one of their neighbors quite the scare. Becky Muhs explained to a local TV station that Halloween is her favorite holiday and not only were she and her husband married on October 31st, but that her birthday is just two days prior to All Hallow's Eve. And so, as the spooky season was set to begin last weekend, the couple decided to begin putting up decorations for the holiday.

However, an ill-timed dinner break in the middle of decorating led to an unsettling moment in the neighborhood. That's because Muhs affixed a realistic-looking sign in their window that appeared to be the message 'Help Me' written in blood. Without putting up anything else, the couple then departed for a birthday party with plans to finish their project later that day.

As one can imagine, the otherwise normal-looking house with what looked like a bloody cry for help in the window raised eyebrows among those who live next door. "That window has always had the curtains drawn," said one neighbor, "So I'm like, 'what's going on in here?'" Opting to be safe rather than sorry, he proceeded to call 911 and report the weirdness to police. The neighbor also reached out to Muhs, who eventually answered her phone and was greeted by her frantic friend asking is everything is okay.

Fortunately, the confusion was cleared up when the Muhs arrived home and officers remarked that this isn't the first time that they've been called about Halloween decorations that are a bit too realistic. In fact, this seems to have become something of a holiday tradition as people produce increasingly creative displays at their home. Last year, a similar occurrence took place in Tennessee when a 'dead body' wedged under a garage door also prompted a call to 911.

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