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Creepy 'Humanoid' Creature Washes Ashore in China

Beachgoers in China were left baffled by the discovery of a bizarre creature boasting an almost humanoid appearance. One report claims that onlookers were aghast by the strange find and refused to get too close to the oddity, likely because it resembled a dismembered person. Fortunately, one brave individual stepped forward to engage the creature and, as luck would have it, the impromptu encounter was caught on film.

In the footage, a man sporting a smile suggesting amusement can be seen holding the creature up for the camera. The showcase allows viewers to see that the monstrous find looks to possess limbs akin to a person and, using a fair amount of imagination, even a face. As if its human-like shape is not chilling enough, the 'foot' of the creature actually moves as if it is still alive! And, adding one last layer of strangeness to the proceedings, the sea debris seems to have been flattened on one side.

As is often the case with weird things which wash ashore, observers have offered a number of possible suggestions for what the creature may have been. Theories have ranged from the prosaic, like a mutated sea sponge, to the fantastic, such as a mangled mannequin. It would seem that the latter idea may be most likely as, according to the YouTube channel which posted the footage, acclaimed cryptozoologist and former C2C guest Karl Shuker examined the video and posited that the creature was likely a mass of sponge.


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