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Creepy 'Machete Man' Spotted

A city in West Virginia is on edge following sightings of a strangely-dressed individual lurking on the side of a road and wielding a machete! South Charleston resident Jeremy Caldwell was driving with his brother last weekend when the duo passed by the mysterious stranger and were positively bewildered by what they had seen. "It was like he was out of a movie," he told a local TV station, "he has a green jumpsuit on, a machete, white tennis shoes, a mask, a chain around his neck and a black hat."

Understandably concerned about the 'machete man,' he promptly reported the sighting to police, but the individual was gone by the time authorities arrived. Remarkably, this was actually Caldwell's fourth sighting of the stranger, who he says seems to wander along a specific spot on a road in South Charleston. Fortunately, this time around he was able to capture footage from the encounter and posted it on Facebook in the hopes that someone would have someone might have some answers about the 'machete man.'

According to Caldwell's post and as can be seen in a still image from the video, the man was not only holding a machete, but also a bloody rag in his other hand and was "trying to stop passing cars," making the mystery all the more worrisome. Some other residents of the area who happened to see the information online confirmed that they had also seen the 'machete man' in recent days and were equally perplexed by the odd stranger. As one can imagine, the weird sightings have become the proverbial talk of the town and sparked a series of calls to police about the mysterious matter.

For their part, local police indicated that they do not believe the 'machete man' poses "an immediate threat" to the community. That said, they are encouraging residents who may spot him to report their sighting as soon as possible and, presumably, not to engage the mysterious stranger. The sentiment was echoed by Caldwell, who mused that "he may be out just to scare people, but then again you don't want to take the chance."

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