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Creepy 'Pennywise' Doll Floats Into New Jersey Woman's Backyard

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By Tim Binnall

A woman in New Jersey was left shaken this weekend when a creepy doll depicting the evil clown Pennywise from the Stephen King book It inexplicably floated into her backyard. The bizarre incident reportedly took place on Saturday afternoon as Renee Jensen was relaxing outside and noticed something falling from the sky. The puzzling object eventually landed in her yard and set off a very strange chain of events.

When Jensen went over to look at what it was, she was aghast to discover that it was a small Pennywise doll that had cryptic writing scrawled across its forehead. "I jumped back and dropped the thing and yelled," she recalled, "it was creepy and it had weird...I don't even know what the writing was. It looked culty." Amazingly, Jensen proceeded to phone the police, but the cops who arrived on the scene to investigate refused to touch the doll nor take it with them.

Since she understandably did not want to be stuck with the unsettling doll, Jensen took somewhat drastic measures to get rid of it: she set the figurine on fire! Once the toy was reduced to ashes, she walked around her backyard with sage in an attempt to cleanse any negative energy from the area. And, in a testament to how unnerved she was by the entire affair, Jensen says that she actually slept with a knife next to her in case the clown or its owner made an appearance during the night.

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