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Crocodile Kills Shaman in Indonesia

Crocodile Kills Shaman in Indonesia

A purported shaman in Indonesia who claimed to have supernatural powers that allowed him to control crocodiles lost his life when one of the creatures called him on his bluff.

The unfortunate man, named Suprianto, dove into a crocodile-infested lake in the regency of Kutai Kartanegara searching for a teenager who had fallen victim to the animals the previous day.

As the self-proclaimed shaman swam in the waters chanting mantras that allegedly shielded him from the vicious beasts, he was suddenly pulled underwater by one of the crocs, leading to his demise.

Suprianto is, sadly, the fourth person in the region to die from a crocodile attack this year, which should inspire second thoughts from anyone thinking that they, too, could keep the creatures at bay using some kind of magic.

Source: Daily Mail

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