Crop Circle Draws Crowds in France

By Tim Binnall

While crop circles may be synonymous with the UK in the minds of many, for the second time this month, a mysterious formation has appeared in France and the sizeable design has sparked something of a local sensation. The newfound formation, which measures a little over 650 feet in length and spans two separate wheat fields, reportedly appeared last Thursday in the small community of Saint-Hippolyte. The fairly complex-looking design features a series of crescents and circles not unlike a similar formation found a few weeks ago in France, albeit much larger in scope.

According to the farmer who owns the property, he did not see anything unusual at the time when he suspects that the crop formation was formed early last week. And although he observed that it appears as if the design was created "as if something had come from above," he was skeptical of the proverbial alien hypothesis, musing "I do not think it is the work of anyone other than an inhabitant of the Earth." The owner was also not particularly thrilled to have had his field used as the medium for the work and lamented that "it's a shame, for once it was a good season for wheat."

His consternation over the creation undoubtedly grew when this past weekend arrived and, along with it, scads of adventure-seeking locals eager to get a look at the fantastic formation which is a rarity in their country. "Given its magnitude, it cannot be human," marveled one visitor who was so taken with the design that she pilfered a piece of wheat as a memento of their experience. In an even stranger turn of events, the astounded farmer apparently stumbled upon a naked couple who had snuck onto the property Friday evening for what was, we're guessing, an unforgettable date night inside the crop circle.

Fortunately, other observers were more courteous when visiting the farmer's property, opting to simply stop their cars and take pictures of the strange scene. That said, by Sunday afternoon the side of the road was reportedly packed with cars containing onlookers hoping to catch a glimpse of the formation which had become the talk of the town and surrounding areas. As for the farmer, he's considering filing a complaint about the entire affair with the local authorities, but is left with the same problem which has perplexed crop circle researchers for decades: he's not sure who to blame for making the formation.


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