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'Cursed' Corn Sticks to Man's Head

'Cursed' Corn Sticks to Man's Head

A bizarre incident in Tanzania saw a thief's caper turn into a nightmare when a stolen bag of corn became stuck to his head thanks to some kind of 'black magic.'

According to a local media report, Frank Japhet pilfered the sack, which weighed a hefty 45 pounds, from an unsuspecting farmer in his village.

His plans to drop the bag off at a friend's house and return for more ill-gotten goods quickly went awry when Japhet realized that the bag has become inexplicably stuck to his head!

Despite all manner of attempts to remove the stolen sack, the increasingly-frustrated Japhet could not free himself from the seemingly cursed corn.

After hours of this maddening experience, the thief had finally had enough and actually turned himself in for the crime at a local police station in the hopes that they could remove the bag.

Authorities, in turn, brought Japhet to the home of the farmer, who apparently put an end to the spell that she had cast on the corn in an attempt to retrieve her stolen goods.

Were it not for the weird photos and video of Japhet mournfully carrying the corn on his head at the police station, one might be inclined to think that his plight was merely a tall tale.

However, the evidence appears to indicate that this was a genuine instance of black magic apparently being successfully used to thwart the thief.

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