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'Cursed' Tree Causes Car Fire?

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A centuries-old cedar tree long-thought to be cursed by residents of an English town added a new tale to its dark reputation after a car parked next to it caught on fire.

Urban legend surrounding the tree, which is situated in the town of Caterham, is that it served as the site of a witch hanging at some point in the 250 years since it was first planted there.

The story apparently took hold in local lore as many members of the community, even in contemporary times, believe that there is something sinister attached to the tree.

In fact, it is common practice, by those who don't quite trust the giant cedar, that they remain silent while walking under it, lest they upset its resident spirits.

While all of this likely sounds like a silly superstition, some who adhere to the idea that the tree is haunted had their suspicions strengthened when firefighters were called to quell a blaze that had engulfed car parked next to the infamous location.

Of course, skeptics will argue that this is merely a matter of coincidence and not confirmation of a curse, but one wonders if they'd be willing to say that while walking beneath the notorious tree.

Source: Daily Star


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