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Dashing Thylacine Caught on Film?

An Australian man suspects that he may have captured the legendary Tasmanian Tiger on tape while filming an early morning sunrise last week.

Paul Day posted the footage to YouTube a few days ago and said that he initially thought that the animal, seen running through a field on South Australia's Yorke Peninsula, was simply a fox or a dog.

However, when he later examined the video, Day began to wonder if it could be the infamous thylacine, which is believed to have gone extinct decades ago, yet is still allegedly spotted by witnesses in Australia on rare occasions.

Although Day admits that he isn't quite sure if it is a Tasmanian Tiger, a number of the video's viewers pointed to the peculiar tail of the animal in the footage as well as its unique gait as signs that it might just be the long-lost thylacine.

Unfortunately, like most cryptid videos, the footage is rather ambiguous and so whether it is or is not a Tasmanian Tiger will likely remain undetermined.

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Source: Daily Mail


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