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DB Cooper Code Cracked?

DB Cooper Code Cracked?

Researchers trying to solve the infamous D.B. Cooper case believe that they have cracked a code contained in one of the notorious skyjacker's letters.

The missive in question was released to the public last year by the FBI and is thought to be a genuine letter written by Cooper to several national newspapers following his daring caper.

Tenacious investigator and former C2C guest Tom Colbert along with his team of researchers studied the new evidence and discovered a rather curious detail.

At the bottom of the letter are three series of numbers which have seemingly no explanation nor purpose.

This piqued the interest of a code breaker who is working with Colbert and the numbers were subsequently identified as identifiers for three different Army units.

What makes this deciphering particularly intriguing is that these all coincide with the Army career of Colbert's prime suspect in the case Robert Rackstraw.

To the investigator, who has already amassed an astounding amount of information which he says proves that Racksaw is Cooper, the find only serves to strengthen his conviction that he and his team have solved the mystery.

Unfortunately, the official closing of the case remains dependent upon the FBI, who Colbert contends are unwilling to pursue Racksaw for fear of looking bad because an independent researcher developed the lead.

And so the case remains at an impasse until or unless the agency finally decides to act on Colbert's information or he produces yet another bombshell that finally forces their hand.

Coast Insiders can learn more about Thomas Colbert's exhaustive investigation into the Cooper case by checking out his 11/18/2017 appearance on the program.

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Source: Seattle Times

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