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Deli Worker Accused of Slowly Eating $9,200 Worth of Meat

Deli Worker Accused of Slowly Eating $9,200 Worth of Meat

By Tim Binnall

In a bizarre story out of Ohio, a grocery store employee with a purported penchant for pinching slices of meat from the deli department on a daily basis may have eaten her way into some serious trouble with the law. The unnamed deli worker's odd tale reportedly began when the loss prevention manager at the supermarket where she worked got wind of her habitual snacking. Based on what we hope was some kind of stakeout from the shadows of the store's nearby seafood section, it was determined that three to five slices of ham were being eaten by the woman every time she worked.

Since she had been working at the supermarket for eight years, her supervisor calculated the total cost of all the pilfered meat to be a whopping $9,200 dollars. Incredibly, rather than reprimand her for the eating all that meat or simply outright firing her, the grocery story opted to call the cops! Police subsequently questioned the woman, who was described as "very cooperative" and apparently admitted to occasionally snacking on the deli's offering during her shifts.

For some strange reason, news of the incident led to reports that the woman was charged with a felony due to the astounding cumulative cost of the meat. However, thankfully, authorities with the Tuscarawas County Sheriff's Office issued a statement clarifying the situation. According to the department, officers merely took down a report of the theft at the behest of the grocery store and explained that it is up to the county prosecutor's office to decide if charges will be filed. Based on their understanding of the facts surrounding the case, they expressed skepticism that such a thing would occur.

Whether the woman still works at the supermarket or if the police intervention was the precursor to her being terminated is unknown. In the event that she remains employed by the store, one assumes that she's no longer assigned to the deli department and was probably not put in the produce area either since, as any frequent grocery shopper can attest, those loose grapes are mighty tempting.

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