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DeLonge Announces Creation of Fringe Science Research Team

DeLonge Announces Creation of Fringe Science Research Team

Rock star-turned UFO investigator Tom DeLonge has announced the formation of an ambitious consortium which aims to explore the realms of fringe science.

Dubbed the 'To the Stars Academy for Arts and Sciences,' the group includes a number of former high-ranking officials from the Department of Defense and aerospace industry.

A public benefit corporation, the TTS Academy is looking to develop projects within three specific areas: science, aerospace, and entertainment.

Among the pursuits proposed for their science division are the creation of a massive global database of "supranormal experiences" had by people around the world, the exploration of brain-computer interface technology, and a study of telepathy.

The aerospace segment of the company hopes to devise new methods of propulsion as well as other technologies that will allow for humans to more easily explore space.

And the entertainment aspect will showcase stories designed to excite and educate audiences about the Earth-shattering breakthroughs waiting to be discovered by the organization.

As one can imagine, such a far-reaching endeavor is expected to be a costly one and, as such, the company hopes to raise funds via a stock offering which has already accrued a little over $150,000 for the group.

Wednesday's announcement by DeLonge regarding the creation of the TTS Academy may have disappointed some UFO enthusiasts who had hoped that the rock star was going to facilitate some kind of official disclosure about the phenomenon.

While such a revelation did not occur, one ought not despair as today's news could very well be a boon to paranormal research considering the individuals involved with the company and their seemingly earnest interest in solving some of these mysteries.

Whether the TTS Academy will succeed in that goal remains to be seen, but the very fact that they are trying should be both applauded and appreciated.

You can learn more about this latest development from DeLonge in a KLAS I-Team report from C2C's George Knapp here.

Coast Insiders can also find out more about DeLonge's pursuit of UFO answers via his multiple appearances on the program discussing his interest in the subject.

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