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'Demon Dog' Photographed in Argentina

'Demon Dog' Photographed in Argentina

A bizarre photo circulating on social media in Argentina purportedly shows a monstrous creature said to be responsible for savagely killing two dogs.

The eerie image, taken in the city of Totoras, appeared online late last week accompanied by an unsettling witness account of the beast attacking a German shepherd and a pit bull.

Little else is known about the alleged incident, but something about the image seems to have sparked the imagination of Argentinians as the photo quickly went viral in the country.

Observers online have suggested that the creature could have been a chupacabras or a demonic dog akin to the Demogorgon from the TV series Stranger Things.

Skeptical commenters, however, have argued that the image is simply a digitally manipulated photograph or, failing that, merely a Great Dane out for an evening stroll.

What's your take on the weird image? Is it evidence of some kind of supernatural creature feasting on unsuspecting animals in the city of Totoras or proof that a blurry photo combined with a fantastic story can be incredibly compelling regardless of its veracity? Share your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Perfil via Google Translate

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