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'Demon Doll' Video Goes Viral

A bizarre video circulating online has become something of a viral sensation by way of its eerie star: a creepy demonic-looking doll.

The nearly-two-minute-long piece of footage features the nightmarish toy propped atop a grave with a baby bottle filled with red liquid, ostensibly meant to be blood, sitting next to it.

And, chillingly, the doll's eyes seem to follow the camera in a rather unsettling fashion as the view circles around it to the tune of some spooky horror music as a soundtrack.

Although almost nothing is known about the origins of the video, that hasn't stopped it from capturing the imagination of social media as it spread like wildfire after popping up online over the weekend.

Over the course of just a few days, the footage has garnered nearly half a million hits as mesmerized viewers can't seem to take their eyes off of the 'demon doll.'

We're guessing that the person behind the video never expected it to turn out this popular and, hopefully, is planning a sequel, since we really want to see where this story goes next.

Source: Express

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