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Dental Surgery Gives TX Woman a British Accent!

A seemingly routine dental surgery left a woman in Texas with a bizarre brain disorder causing her to speak in a British accent!

After suffering nerve damage while having an overbite corrected via surgery to her jaw, Lisa Alamia stunned her doctors and family with her surprising new accent.

A neurologist who examined the woman determined that she has developed an extremely rare case of 'foreign accent syndrome.'

The mysterious disorder, of which less than 100 people in the world have acquired, is thought to be caused by brain damage brought on by strokes or injuries, but the exact cause has eluded experts so far.

Alamia was initially concerned about how others would react to her perplexing new accent, concerned that they would judge her or think she was fabricating the condition.

However after six months with the condition, she has seemingly adjusted to the challenges it presents.

The most maddening aspect may be having to explain the disorder to strangers who wonder why a woman from Texas has a rich British accent.

We can only imagine how annoying it must be to have to repeatedly tell the same story and answer the same questions whenever a new person comes into her life.

Source: CBS News


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