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Did a German Woman Spontaneously Combust While Sitting On A Park Bench?

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A German woman is fighting for her life after bursting into flames on a park bench – and reports now claim it was a case of spontaneous human combustion.

An eyewitness claims the woman "did not saying anything" before she abruptly erupted in fire.

A passerby attempted to extinguish the flames down with his jacket, but the woman was severely burned and was rushed to the emergency room.

She was then transferred to a special burns center in Lübeck where she remains in critical condition.

According to reports, the woman was originally from Mauritius, but had been living for some time in Flensburg.

C2C guest Larry Arnold has defined Spontaneous Human Combustion as "the smoking, blistering, or burning of a person in the absence of a known, identifiable nearby burn agent."

He said cases date back to the early 1500s, and that in fatal instances this flash fire may hit 9,000 degrees F, enough to instantaneously burn off a body's water content.

Local prosecutors are unsure what may have caused the alleged spontaneous human combustion incident and are keeping an open mind as what occurred - whether it was a paranormal occurrence or something else entirely.

The investigation remains ongoing law enforcement authorities said.


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