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Did a Man in England Fall Victim to Spontaneous Human Combustion?

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A bizarre incident in London saw an elderly man die after bursting into flames and authorities are baffled by what could have caused the blaze.

The odd event actually occurred a few months ago, but made headlines this week when police conceded that they are stumped by the case.

It all unfolded on a Saturday afternoon in September when witnesses called for help after spotting the man, named John Nolan, on fire in a London street.

Although rescue workers were able to extinguish the fire and transported Nolan to a nearby hospital, he subsequently died the following day due to the severity of his burns.

Since that time, police have tried to determine how and why Nolan became engulfed in flames while simply walking down the street, yet have failed to come up with any answers.

According to investigators, none of the witnesses to the incident saw anyone near Nolan when he suddenly caught on fire.

Additionally, an examination of his clothing showed no evidence of any accelerant which could have been the cause of the fire starting or spreading so quickly.

As such, police are left scratching their heads and hoping that some previously-unheard witnesses will come forward with an account of the event which could help solve the case which they have been left to label 'unexplained.'

To paranormal enthusiasts, the mysterious and inexplicable nature of Nolan's death by fire no doubt raises the specter of the infamous phenomenon known as 'spontaneous human combustion.'

Although SponCom, as it's known by researchers, is largely seen by the public as a relic of the past, the incredibly rare phenomenon is still suspected of occurring on occasion in the modern era, including a 2015 case in Germany.

Since the cause of SHC, if it is even real, is unknown, it's impossible to truly determine if Nolan was a victim of the fiery phenomenon, but the lingering unanswered questions surrounding his demise certainly seem to suggest that may be the case.

Coast Insiders can learn more about spontaneous human combustion by checking out the 12/27/2016 edition of the program featuring author and researcher Larry Arnold.

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Source: The Independent


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