Do Bite Marks on Bones Prove Bigfoot is Real?

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A college professor in Washington believes he has proven the reality of Bigfoot based on an analysis of strange bite marks found on bones.

The bones in question were discovered by Mitchel Townsend and his students in three separate locations around Mount St. Helens.

What struck the professor about these finds was that the bones had unusual bite marks on them.

"They had been gnawed on by what looked to me to be giant human teeth," Townsend told The Reflector.

His suspicions were strengthened when enormous footprints were found around the area where the bones had been discovered.

Based on his study of the prints, Townsend estimated that the creature behind the imprints stood over eight and a half feet tall and painted a grim picture of what the bones and tracks suggest.

"If you add it all up, you have an 8-foot, 8-inch tall creature that is killing animals at different areas of Mount St. Helens with its bare hands, chewing them up, literally skin and bones and all, and spitting them out between its legs," he told the newspaper.

To skeptics, this may sound like a flight of fancy from the professor, but he is confident in the hypothesis based on his investigation of the bite marks on the bones.

Townsend contends that only 10 percent of the marks could have possibly been from a human and that the mouth of the creature that made them would be more than double the size of the average person.

Nonetheless, the marks appear to come from human teeth and the patterns are similar to how early people developed methods of chewing.

“My theory is it's not an ape, it's a hybrid that has been interbreeding with Native Americans for the last 80,000 years," Townsend said to the Reflector, "That's why it is so smart and it has human teeth."

Fortunately, the professor has compiled his four years of research into an extensive scientific paper which he hopes will be reviewed by his peers in academia.

Whether mainstream science accepts his findings remains to be seen, but, based on Bigfoot's history, we're guessing the debate will continue to be far from solved until the creature finally makes an undeniable appearance.

Source: The Reflector

Image courtesy of C2C listener D. Ross

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