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Doubt Cast on New Crop Circle

This week's round up of crop circle activity in the UK sees a new formation that has raised doubts among researchers.

According to the Crop Circle Connector, the design was discovered on May 4th in the English town of Warminster and differs significantly from the previous formations reported last month.

Having studied the formation, researcher Dr. Horace R. Drew expressed the opinion that this particular crop circle bears the hallmark of a hoax.

He point to the uneven and largely chaotic state of the crops contained within the larger circles as indicative of "construction lines" created by humans as they produce the formation.

"Unless this was a deliberate attempt by the paranormal crop artists to 'make fun of the local plankers,'" Drew reported to Crop Circle Connector, "then this new May 4 crop picture would seem to be a human-made fake."

While his conclusion may disappoint paranormal enthusiasts, Drew's analysis is a testament to the sincere effort put forth by the UK crop circle community to study the formations and reveal findings that may dampen the mysterious nature of the phenomenon, but are shared nonetheless.

Also worthy of note is the incredible speed with which videographers such as Matthew Williams, who created the video above, are able to produce fantastic documentation of the formations sometimes on the same day they are discovered.

With that in mind, it's comforting to know that not only will the latest crop circles found in the UK not be missed, but that the insights from researchers at the scene will be shared honestly with the mystified public still trying to understand what may be behind the phenomenon.

Source: Crop Circle Connector

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