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Doubts Raised About Charlotte UFO

By Tim Binnall

A viral image of an alleged UFO seen near Charlotte, North Carolina is being questioned by skeptics who say that it is probably just the reflection of a cell phone. The eerie photograph, taken by Javion Hill, sparked something of a buzz in UFO research circles after being picked up by the Charlotte Observer and it was theorized that the potential craft could be some kind of military test vehicle.

However, skeptical observers online have put forward a compelling argument that the 'UFO' actually had a more terrestrial explanation. Specifically, fastidious UFO researcher Scott Brando was able to unearth Hill's additional images of the purported craft which showed the anomaly in nearly the exact same position in the frame of the photo despite being taken at different locations. As such, he posits that the object was something inside the car which was being reflected on the inside of the window.

As to what could have created the spooky glow seen in the photos, it has been suggested that the illumination came from an edge lighting function found on Galaxy cell phones, which would also explain the square shape of the 'UFO.' Whether Hill was aware that the 'flying saucer' in his photographs was, in fact, really a cell phone is a matter of conjecture as is the question of how the photos were taken if the device had been sitting on the dashboard of his car and not being used.

Regardless, after declaring that the experience had left him unable to sleep, perhaps he'll now rest easier knowing that he probably did not bear witness to an alien craft or clandestine military project.

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