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Dozens of Dead Owls Appear Along Idaho Highway

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A driver cruising down a seemingly innocent stretch of highway in Idaho over the weekend was astounded when she noticed an incredible number of dead owls along the road.

Nichole Miller marveled to Boise's KBOI that she and her friend first saw a downed bird which they assumed was an unlucky chicken.

But their road trip took a gruesome turn over the next twenty miles as the pair continued seeing more and more dead birds.

According to Miller, they eventually stopped counting the unfortunate creatures once they had seen a jaw-dropping 50 of them over the course of the drive.

Having been able to get a look at some many of the dead birds, Miller and her friend were certain that they were all owls, which makes the entire tale all the more spooky.

However it appears that there may be no mystery to the creatures' demise as a recent study determined that this particular highway in Idaho is one of the world's deadliest roads for barn owls.

The fact that academia has apparently noticed the dangerous nature of the highway and yet the birds continue to get killed there makes us question the legendary purported wisdom of owls.

Source: KBOI


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