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Dr. Doom Transcript

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Excerpt: Streamlink Chat with remote viewer Ed Dames from 1/27/04
White Rose
Greetings., Your opinion please, re: the recent very severe weather. I think that this is just a taste and that there will be more storms this year and an even more severe winter weather season next year.
ed dames
As I mentioned years ago: first the weather will change so drastically that crops will not be able to be grown as before, next: disease
Can the past be remote viewed? Have you ever done so? What did you "see?"
ed dames
Mostly reconstructing/recreating events -- the way that they actually (factually) occurred.
Ed~ When you RVd the Earth, although you did not find it hollow, did you find it catacombed with man made caverns?
ed dames
There are caverns...
Dr Zero
Are the Chinese going to be a major threat to us any time soon?
ed dames
Major threat! Are you kidding? They have already conquered the American empire.
Hi Ed, In your opinion, does solar flare activity interfere with RV and also, do you think meditation has any effect on one's ability to RV?
ed dames
No. No.
When will you be on C2C again?
ed dames
I'll be back.
Does meditation and stress-free living help to make remote viewing more successful?
ed dames
Generally, yes. Also helps to be in physical shape.
How does RV compare to Astral Projection as practiced by some?
ed dames
Astral projection is very different -- RV is simply a mind tool -- nothing is 'projected'
I highly recommend the RV workshops - it is amazing what you can learn in a couple of days!!!
Mr. Dames, Would epilepsy have any bearing on learning remote viewing?
ed dames
No serious effect
Is this new life form the one making crop circles?
ed dames
No -- they are created by 'the system'
Hello Ed, Pandemic medically treatable?
ed dames
No. Science will not be able to keep up with it -- many will perish
Major Dames, just curious about the Europa life form ... do you have a sketch of it yet?
ed dames
It's on the back burner, at present
is the life form symbiotic /parasitic or independent of humans ?
ed dames
Independent - but we are hurting it via our 'activities'
Recently I was reading an Ingo Swann book where he talked about doing psychic training by staring at a copper mirror with a magnet on his head. Sounds very 'California'. Have you ever tried anything like that?
ed dames
Just Ingo, doing his 'thing'
Is this new life form connected to the shadow people that many are seeing?
ed dames
no, sp are reflections of ghosts
Major Dames have you ever tried to rv the Powerball numbers or anything similar?
ed dames
I have no interest in that -- life is too short.
What will come after disease?
ed dames
solar kill shots -- earth change -- cataclysm
cumber6 How come so many of your colleagues do not see the future as bleak as you do?
ed dames
They can't see
Streamlink(1) members can read the full transcript here(2).

1. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2004-01-27.html

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