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Dutch Mystic Predicts Major Earthquake to Hit This Week

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A rogue researcher out of the Netherlands says that the supermoon set to occur this coming week will spawn a massive earthquake somewhere in the world.

Frank Hoogerbeets believes that major earthquakes are caused by planetary alignments which, in turn, unleash electromagnetic energy that impacts the Earth's crust.

The controversial quake predictor also uses some more esoteric sources for his prognostications, including crop circles and messages from the 'other side.'

And, having taken all of these elements into consideration, Hoogerbeets has issued a dire warning for this coming week.

According to him, the planet is poised to be rocked by a seven magnitude or larger earthquake that could happen as early as Tuesday.

Should such an event not unfold on the 30th, he cautions that there is still a window of time, that lasts until Friday, where the odds of an earthquake are significant.

As one can imagine, skeptics say that Hoogerbeets' earthquake predictions, the results of which have been mixed in the past, are not informed by any solid scientific backing and, thus, are likely merely guesswork.

Fortunately, we only have to wait a few short days to find out if his critics are correct or if Hoogerbeets has found the formula for anticipating earthquakes.

Source: Express


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