Eerie Anomaly Photographed in UK

A UK man suspects that he may have inadvertently photographed the spirit of a former tenant still lingering in his brother's home.

Unable to sleep one night earlier this month, Luke Jackson went to head outside for a cigarette when he heard footsteps coming from downstairs.

Perplexed by the unexplained sounds, he used his cellphone to snap a picture in the hopes that the camera's flash would literally shed light on things.

Jackson was subsequently stunned when he looked at the image on the phone and spotted what appears to be a fairly distinct, full-bodied apparition lurking at the bottom of the stairs.

The eerie anomaly left him scratching his head and wondering what, besides a ghost, could account for what was captured by the camera.

However, since the previous tenant of the home was an older woman who actually passed away a little over a year ago, Jackson is convinced that he photographed her spirit.

Skeptics will undoubtedly argue that the anomaly in the image is a trick of light and shadow or a clever hoax.

The latter explanation seems somewhat unlikely unless Jackson was simply hoping to scare his brother into thinking that the house was haunted and the prank took on a proverbial life of its own.

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Source: UK Metro

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