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Eerie Army of Snowmen Honor Fallen Friend

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The fiendish destruction of a snowwoman in an English town inspired its creators to respond by building a small army.

Now known as 'Brenda,' the original creation was the work of a woman named Rachael Bell, who crafted the snow sculpture with her sister Alyx near a bus stop in the English town of Gateshead.

However, the sisters were stunned when they later learned that Brenda, who was outfitted with a sharp-looking scarf and a shopping bag, had been destroyed by some ne'er-do-well.

Annoyed by the unnecessary act of aggression against Brenda, Rachael and Alyx came up with a pretty clever answer.

"We decided to go back and build lots more snowmen ," Rachael told The Chronicle, "we thought, let’s see if he can find a sledge big enough to drag away all these."

All told, the pair built a whopping 43 snowmen who served as both a show of force against the vandal as well as mourners honoring their lost friend Brenda.

To that end, alongside some of the snowmen were signs declaring solidarity with the downed snowwoman and asking for 'Justice for Brenda.'

And, as often happens with such strange stories, pictures of the eerie snowman army caught the attention of social media leading to more people building snowmen in honor of Brenda.

We can only imagine the haunted feeling that the person who smashed the original snowwoman must be experiencing now that they are seemingly surrounded by the frosty creations.

Source: The Chronicle

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